Escort Lugano

Are you looking for an Escort in Lugano ?

 Did you ask Google?

Here I am!

An all natural High-Class Independent Escort. Choose the best one from Milan.

If you wish to spend an unforgettable and thoughtless moment in Lugano and in the Ticino region, with an enchanting, ​​educated Italian woman, please know Milan is just inside the borders with Switzerland.

As a world-class professional escort, very discreet and always on time, I can visit you for two hours, but of course, not being personally a clock-watcher I very much welcome an extended rendezvous to better encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and follow me into the frontiers of pleasure!

Why choose me as an Escort Lugano?

I am an independent Social Companion, not affiliated with an agency.

I am the epitome of Italian class and sophistication, so I naturally gravitate to affluent and discerning company looking to spend fabulous time also in Rome, Turin, Venice, Milan.

Are you looking for something different from the smorgasbord of legit sex workers in Lugano? An intimate dinner for two perhaps? 

Is SOFT DOMINATION also your extravaganza? Then I am I am Voluptuous with Mad Skills!

I am naturally temperamented: although my personal style may be reassuring, you will find that my personality in bed is not! I’m instead sharp and naughty, and controlling the direction the encounter takes, with respect for personal boundaries, is one of my greatest twists! I’m totally uninterested in foot or shoe worship: do not expect this from me! I’m not a model or someone you can ask to be towering in stiletto shoes and just to be standing still in front of you, but instead I make ways to mind-blowing sessions with physical triggers and straight up sex talk to cultivate your skills as my submissive. I will rock your world with my toys and my nasty strap-on! You will certainly get to know me and appreciate my hidden abilities…

I’m the open minded provider for both gentlemen and for couples, and I am keen to join courteous couples with glamour for a perfect Threesome and I love nothing better than finding an excuse to give myself over to pleasure and passion drawing you into that world with me, if only for a little while, when connection is real.

If you are a single individual who loves to be at the center of two ladies’ attentions I am equally as ready to join the voracious lover you are with my gorgeous lady friend here in these pages portrayed.

Please let me introduce you to my very special friend Yvette

There is a clear distinction between one’s lovers and friends. But, when you’ve got hot friends like mine, such a distinction is nearly impossible! Why take my word for it when you can see for yourself? Just ask about the openly BI duet! 

Yvette is an extremely personable Italian brunette, and just like me she is an upscale Companion who has lived life well and travelled extensively, and you should rest assured when meeting us in some of the most luxurious hotel with nice atmosphere and a cosmopolitan bar for a first class cocktail indulgence, our elegant presence in such an establishment would only be natural without raising an eyebrow for all the wrong reasons. On the contrary, as the lucky man with such a strikingly beautiful company, you are instantly viewed by men with admiration, and other women with high interest.
But if you prefer, we will meet in the secrecy of your place, and our double is a complete gift for the low volume of men we see, who get something they do not get at home, even if just a little while… playtime, excitement, enthusiasm, permission, variety and friendly talking. What not to like?

I would love you to think about spending time with me the blonde Aliai or with the brunette Yvette or both… and I hope our paths cross soon!

Sultry Kisses