Financials €$£

What’s the problem with the money?

You got ’em, You give ’em! You need ’em, You get ’em!”

Samantha, from Sex & The City



Sexy Time   1 hour €300 — 1,5 hours  €400 — 2 hours  €500

Dinner date 5H  €1000

Overnight  12H  €1750

One Day    24H  €2500

I’m Couple Friendly

If you have any needs and requests, I’m available to answer any questions regarding the planning of a perfect FFM threesome with glamorous couples.
Please note I consider this a premium service and I charge an extra fee for engaging in it. My usual rate + 50% will apply.

I am the type of Modern Companion built for low volume – long lasting clientele – Quality before quantity : “upscale” isn’t found in the value of your wardrobe, but the quality of your character and kind gestures. Please do not start off with attempting to haggle: I’m afraid your desire to meet me will be affected.

During the time we spend together I may also work body-on-body to enhance pleasure and passion with my gliding Nuru massage (Nori algae and Aloe Vera). 

It’s pure bliss…

If you do have the time and the wish, I perform it as a warm-up, and it’s complementary – NO hidden fees. I have a portable wet Nuru massage kit ready to go at all times, but I must know. Please simply ask! 

Favourite way to meet is on a relaxing dinner date, as I love the social aspect of getting to know my date without the constraints of time. If you are open to meeting for a stellar food adventure and wines to pair, and actually having a relaxing dinner date with a lady rather than simply a service, then my usual 5 hours company would be definitely for you, Connoisseur!

Perhaps we can meet over a drink or even light dinner?

Did You Know? Short bookings with me in Milan are more EXPENSIVE because of… BORING introductions and routine. If you are introducing yourself as the perfect suitor with a request compelling and beneficial to my sensual side, you get the best of the BARGAIN !

“Meet & Greet” up to 4 hours in length  €750
– offer valid only in NAPOLI –

At any event, when ALIAI – yes, me and me alone because I’m a foodie! – will make this special price in Napoli, dates under 4 hours in lenght require a cocktail and an appetizer or a meal in a public setting.




Social dates  (do not include private time)

10am – 6pm:

4 hours €400  |  6 hours €500 | 8 hours €750

6pm – Midnight:

4 hours €600  | 6 hours €800

My social dates are not available for something shorter than 4 hours.

Fair warning: my fees are not negotiable. Any effort to discuss will force me to end our correspondence.

Lucky for me, my typical admirer is nearly always a dream man who I treat like gold and from whom I may expect the same in return. We all need to feel wanted. And by fulfilling a client’s needs and desires he can go back to his life to be a better husband, lover, father, boss, employee, and friend. And I take pride in helping to facilitate men to be the best version of themselves. Or maybe you have everything and just want a little more…

Being choosy of people on your wavelength ensures positivity, productivity and success for everyone. It goes without saying that I have no wish and no reason to haggle, and if you feel compelled to split hairs over financial details, thank you for your consideration but understand we are not a match.

Annual Exclusivity – €500,000


Packages & getaways?  Let’s talk about the unclocked!

As a private discreet Travel Companion I have a special fee structure specifically for those special gems of gentlemen who travel frequently on business, and in me they will find the cherished companionship they are wishing for at night, where they are busy daytime.

I am available for leisurely travels of longer than 24 hours, only if with appropriate notice given, and when my return air tickets are also on the client and paid upfront upon reservation.

I’m open to discuss by e-mail, and very-long-range forecasting and favourable rates, only in this occasion, may well be possible and acceptable.

Cash preferred. I also accept transactions through PayPal when you let me know in advance and it can be worked out by sending you details for the upfront payment. We shall not mention any compensation on my arrival if that ruins the mood, so we can be at ease and start enjoying each others company.

Can I remind gentlemen for the nth time that best way to contact me is through Email, plus Email clients are most reliable to me?

I look forward to hearing from you, and meeting you soon!

A l i a i

( pronounced  a-lee-a-ee )




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