Likes ‘n’ Dislikes


I cater for arrangements to hotels and housecalls which means I come to your venue, and I stand out as a safe and intriguing date, all fun end entertainment. 

I enjoy Quality hotel visits mainly in the early evening when it works good enough for businessmen working all day around the clock, and also when my stamina and wit are at their peak!

I am a stickler about the cozy accommodation which will ensure soberness to both sides, and there where the ambiance will create the perfect setting for an intimate rendezvous

Everybody should admire beautiful things and I appreciate when I see something which is beautifully made. Some 5-Star Luxury Hotels are pieces of art, as much as a painting or a piece of sculpture and I am a sucker for breathtaking vistas. Please take this into account when contacting me.

You’ll be relieved to know I’m very attentive to the client’s anonymity, and if you’d rather not share personal details with me, whether you’re sort of a “someone” or not, you only need to provide your first name and room number, and our time will never be anyone else’s business. I’ll discreetly get to the room, unless we decide differently, like meeting down to the lounge or elsewhere you want me to join you.


My personal style is classic with a twist, don’t follow fashion that much, and whatever I wear has to be worn with a certain amount of confidence for any occasion. And my mommy taught me the importance of decorum! ^__*  Therefore I do not raise any suspicion to outsiders as to my presence and my profession, and also my clients appreciate it if they decide to join events together with me.  And above all, it’s essential to me not to worry about myself having a “reputation” in town where I belong, whether the date is in seclusion or we meet in public.


I need no location assigned to random clients and herewith to have customary incall service, as this is not the kind of person and/or the provider I am or want to become.

Very rare encounters at my own place -posh and not altogether common in this online world- are taken into account only to help the gentleman you are, as I understand that sometimes traveling established professionals may seek for different arrangements other than their hotel due to their own privacy or in order not to be spotted by business partners. 

I could value the incall service to help, solely where creating the safest environment for my own security concerns, and seriously, I am totally not keen on the cleansing of my place which is always immaculately presented, when there’s hotel personnel responsible for the mess that I trust we shall make! ?

If you have no opportunity to host, this is not a deal breaker. I am much more concerned with the efforts you take at ensuring MY comfort level.

My high-end apartment is just a ten-minute drive from top hotels, and with it being genuinely a private one, when I’m asked to put myself in a position where I’m spending time alone at home with anyone, first step to make me feel safe entrusting you with unsupervised access to my person is the Email initial interaction, and phone calls requests cannot be met.
I’m chosey who I spend and give my time to, and I cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to my own time and space! I have found my outcalls to have been the best, as my life is too busy to allow waste of time in a NO-SHOW !

A sudden phone call and the equally prompt change of the alleged client’s plan to visit me, due to his own convenience, it’s like my biggest pet peeve, and if I have a drop in request my answer will be a NO !

Clear and thoughtful communications are the hallmark of mature thinking, and you are kindly invited to a more enticing description of your person via my encrypted EMAIL ?️  

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.                                                                 

When I feel confident we share an excellent connection, we will have a fabulous time together!

Sultry Wishes

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