I always seem to get the request for selfies.
It’s awkward to spend thousand of euros on photo shooting services with deluxe accommodation, only to be asked for a selfie. So in that case, below I have added some recent selfies as they seem to be more in demand than professional pictures. Insane but there you go!

In June 2020 I posted these images while waiting for the economy to recover from the world downtown… to distract you from your fairly busy life with many commitments.

I am your Sweetheart Sailor!

Have a dream about cruising the scenic Amalfi Coast perhaps? You’ve got a superb yatch and you’re just waiting for the right lady to come aboard…  just kidding. But I’m not really sure! LOL

I bet you liked my Betty Boop’s legs 😉


I’m so glad I live in a world where to be cozy up to a warm fireplace as it snows outside.
Aliai in December 2019


and now…